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Black Plastic Shoe With Rivet for Casement Operators

Part Number: 0565912
Price: $12.90
Andersen Replacement Shoe with Rivet.

Used on the primed wood casement operator no. 7192-32 manufactured from 1979-1989 (0565616 and 0565620).

Length: 1-7/16″


Tools Needed:
Center punch or awl
Drill & bit
Ball peen hammer or large ball bearing 
Regular hammer
Vice or Flat hard surface ( work bench vice )


1. Drill off the head of the rivet. You do not have to drill all the way through.

2. Punch the rivet out with a center punch or awl

3. Replace with new rivet through shoe and hole in arm

4. place the head of the rivet on a hard flat surface like a bench vice

5. place a round ball bearing or the head of a ball peen hammer over the con-caved part of rivet

6. Hit the ball peen hammer with a hammer and flair out the rivet.

Do not strike to hard, you want the rivet to flair out but not restrict the movement of the shoe

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