Unavail. Papaiz MZ33 Storm Door Lock - Replacement Avail.

Part Number: 301011
Replace with 302043

Replace with 302043

THIS LOCK IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Can be replaced with: #302043, but you will have to redrill the holes in your door for the faceplate; new faceplate will cover old holes.

Replacement handles are available here: 301036 - Replacement MZ-33 Flat Style (Pair)

Complete Handle Set: Slimline Mortise Lockset, Satin Black.

Includes: Handles, Trim Plates, 323 Lockcase, Screws, Single cylinder lock w/ 2 keys.( key on ontside, Thumb turn on inside) 

The # 323 Lock Case uses a 13/16 by 7-11/16 inch face plate.

How to Install Papaiz Locks
How to Replace Mortise Locks.