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Sliding Screen Door Kit, 49" x 82" Aluminum Frame - Choose Color

Part Number: 167048-AL
Price: $135.00
Heavy Duty Aluminum Extruded Frame for replacing standard width sliding screen patio doors. 
Pre-Punched for handles, corners and screen rollers.
Screen material and spine are not included.

Make custom or standard size patio door sliding screens.
Can be cut down for heights or widths as needed. 
Uncut Manufacture size: 49 x 82"
Boxed - all you need is the insect screen material of your choice.  
Most hardware stores will assemble and screen. 

Available Colors:
Mill (Aluminum)

Screen Frame Material:  Heavy Duty Aluminum, will not rust
Screen Door Rollers: 1" Steel Ball Bearing wheel, easy glide, long lasting
Screen Handle: Plastic
Shipped in Card board box with all components except screen material and spline.
Cutting Information:
Width - cut equal amounts from both sides, maximum of 2". This will balance the screen door.
Heights - Determine which direction door will slide and cut off top, this keeps the handle at a standard height.
Material frame has a raised rib, this goes to outside.
The screen frame is designed to be cut at a 45 degree angle before assembly.
When cutting remember the Screen Channel goes to the inside.
Install Screen roller screws and rollers before assembly.

Priced and sold as a KIT.
Limited to existing inventory.