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Roto Gear Box only, New Style, Replacement

Part Number: 40230
Price: $151.72
New Style Roto gear box - replaces old style multipoint lock gear with minor modifications

Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16mm)
Faceplate Length: 15-3/4 inch (400mm) -- old-style faceplate length was 13-3/8 inches
Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45mm)
NOTE: This lock is also available in 1-3/8 (35mm) backset

The door will need to be notched out 23/32 inch to accept the position of the new style gear box.

Also, the strike plate will need to be lowered 23/32 inch to line up with the latch and dead bolt.
This Roto gear lock box works on roller and tongue version locks.

NOTE 1: After you get the new lock installed, the latch and deadbolt are located in slightly different places than the old style (see additional images); the differences is about 25/32 inch, so you can move the strike plate or make the slot longer.

NOTE 2: this gear works ONLY with the 15-3/4 inch faceplate - Will NOT directly replace the older style gear with the shorter 13-3/8 inch faceplate; The entire lock will have to be replaced.

Information on Roto Multipoint Locks