Fuhr Multipoint Locks

FUHR multi-point locks have been around since the 1980s. Replacements are available.
To insure you select the correct Multipoint Lock please see our Multipoint Lock Glossary Of Terms to better understand multipoint locks.

Most often the Fuhr multipoint locks can be replaced with HOPPE. We offer many replacement options.
Articles: How to Rehand Fuhr Multipoint Locks (change direction of slope of latch)
For more information, please see Multipoint Lock Introduction.
To help you find which lock you need, we have created a Fuhr Infosheet.
If you cannot find the lock you are looking for or looking to replace, please fill out the Fuhr Worksheet for your lock and send it to us here

Fuhr Hook
Fuhr Lock Case Only
Fuhr Roller
Fuhr Roller / Shootbolt
Fuhr Roundbolt
Fuhr Shootbolt
Fuhr Single Point Mortise Locks
Fuhr Sliding Door
Fuhr Tongue