Pella Multipoint Lock Handleset Trim

Pella Multipoint Lock Trim Available in Original or Aftermarket Styles

  • Most Handle Trim fits Pro Line, Architect or Pella Designer series patio doors
  • Original Pella Plates were 1-3/4" x 9-13/16" Most Aftermarket trim is larger
  • Please compare all measurements and images carefully.
  • Pella Hardware has 3 different styles each with different screw hole patterns and each uses a different Multipoint Lock Hardware
  • Pella doors have been equipped with different brands of locks over the years. Each brand may have a different cylinder-handle spacing (PZ) (this is the distance between the center of the handle and the center of the cylinder)
    1) Cifial Original Pella: 3-11/32 inch 85mm PZ (Single Point Lock)
    2) G-U: 3-5/8 inch 92mm PZ
    3) Amesbury: 3-5/8 inch 92mm PZ
    4) W&F: 6-inch 152mm PZ
  • Pella doors equipped with W&F locks had two different-sized bores: 1-11/16 inch & 2-1/8 inch.
    We currently have no handle sets available that are wide enough to cover the larger bore.
    To make the best of your purchase, cross-reference replacement handle sets with your Pella door and original handle set

Pella Euro Handleset Trim Special Size 3-11/32" (85mm)
Pella Replacement Handlesets 3-5/8" PZ (92mm)
Pella Handle set Trim with 6" PZ (152mm)
Pella Original Handle Sets