Hoppe Multipoint Lock Hardware

HOPPE multipoint locks are used to replace Fuhr and might be used by more door companies than other brands. Parts are not interchangeable from old Hoppe, to new. HOPPE Multipoint locks are available in two styles and multiple configurations.

To insure you select the correct Multipoint Lock please see our Multipoint Lock Glossary Of Terms to better understand the following terms:
Handle Height, Backset, Locking Device, Locking Position, Overall Length, Faceplate Width, Deadbolt Throw

Hoppe MPL Articles:
Multipoint Lock Introduction
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How to Remove & Install Hoppe HLS9000 MPLock
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HOPPE/FUHR Infosheet
If you cannot find the lock you are looking for, please fill out the

Hoppe New Construction Kits
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