Euro Profile-Full Cylinder

Euro Profile cylinders have a light bulb shape.
Keyed Cylinders vary in length, measured from the center of cam / tail piece
Keyways include Schlage (most common) Kwikset, Yale and European
Mostly offered with Cresent thumbturn. However, also have Round, H-Shape, V-Shaped and Diamond
The European design is normally shown in millimeters (mm)

Most of the newer euro cylinders are 90Á. The older style were 360Á thumb turn.
Most are interchangeable A lock that requires multiple turns to extend the deadbolt will not work with 90Á cylinder.
The newer style allows the homeowner to view the Crescent thumb-turn and know if door is locked or unlocked.

36 Products

35 / 55, European Y1 360 Profile Cylinder - Choose FinishYALE  Y-1 Keyed Euro Cylinder
Price: $110.00
40.5 /40.5 HOPPE Non-Logo 90 Profile Cylinder Lock, Solid Brass, Choose FinishHoppe 90 Degree Keyed Cylinder
Price:$95.00 to $105.58