Andersen Door Hinges

Andersen 200 and 400 Series Adjustable Hinges
Frenchwood Hinged Inswing and Frenchwood Outswing Doors.

Andersen 200 Series, 2006-Present, uses a Horizontal (top & bottom) and Vertical (middle) adjustable hinge

Andersen 400 Series, 1989 - Present has changed its Frenchwood hinge design three times. We currently stock the most recent two, although we have limited quantities of the 2nd generation. If you are not sure which generation of hinge you have, read our guide to Andersen Hinge Identification.

11/2005-Present Andersen Door Hinges
1989-1991 Andersen Door Hinges
1992-2005 Andersen Door Hinges
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