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Peachtree Avanti Steel Door Weatherstrip, Q-Lon, Extended Reach, 81 Length - Choose Color

Part Number: 842048-81E-KIT
Price: $45.00
Complete Set Peachtree Avanti Steel Door Weatherstrip, used on Large Kerf door Jambs
Original Peachtree Avanti door had a 1/4 inch wide kerf in door frame
The Avanti door weatherstrip was black - Black is no longer available

Replace with New Style. 2-Part Vinyl insert and Replacement Weatherstrip.
Plastic Insert is 5/16 inch wide and will compress to 1/4 inch
The plastic insert is not available by itself.
Standard Length of 81 inches
For extra long 96" length see 842048-96E-KIT

Available Colors:

This kit contains 3 different items
1. 2 pieces of 81" extended reach weatherstrip; 1 81" piece will go on the lock side of the door; cut the other piece down to approximately 36" for the top of the door
2. 1 piece of 81" standard reach weatherstrip; this is for the hinge side of the door (extended reach will not work on the hinge side -- it's too thick)
3. 6 pieces of 41" plastic insert; these are used with your weatherstrip; they are cut down because we cannot ship long lengths of this product; you may need to cut to fit

*Note: you will have leftover weatherstrip and inserts. We encourage you to save these. In the event that your weatherstripping wears in one particular spot you can replace it as needed (you do not have to install this in long strips for the entire side; you can cut it down and replace in sections). 

This weatherstrip can be installed 2 ways:
1. Peachtree suggests installing Plastic insert 1st, then install the Weatherstrip
2. We think it is easier to put plastic insert and weatherstrip together before installing.
May require using a block of wood to tap into some doors with tight kerfs.

Reach Options:
Standard Reach Set - Used on doors that are in regular or good working condition.
Extended Reach Set (this one) - Used on doors that are out of square or warped.

SHIPPING: This part is shipped folded during our shipping process.
The fold puts a crease in the barb / bulb.
This will NOT affect performance when installed.

To have this part shipped straight, you need to add the $10 Straight Shipping Upcharge to your shopping cart.
This upcharge guarantees that your weatherstrip is not folded during our packing process.

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