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Andersen Awning/Casement Right-Hand Split Arm Head Hinge

Part Number: 1361462
Price: $18.15
Andersen right-handed split arm head (upper) hinge with screws for Andersen Perma-Shield casement and awning windows: CR, CN, C, CW, CX25 - CX6, and CXW2 - CXW45 - All awning sizes 1967 - present (Excluding A335/AX31)

Handing: Right handed; when viewing window from outside the home, the hinge will be located on the right side. 
Track length: 11-13/16"
Hinge arm length: 6-9/32"

NOTE: These parts require the Hinge Replacement/Conversion Instruction Guide from Andersen. View instruction guide or watch video here. 

If your window was manufactured prior to 1997, you must replace both the upper and lower hinge.

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