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HOPPE Multipoint Lock Handleset, Verona Dummy Pair, M151/3955N, Solid Brass - Rustic Umber

Part Number: 2677832
Price: $173.95
This is a HOPPE Verona Lever Handle-set for a multipoint lock.
It is constructed from solid brass and will fit on doors that are 1-3/4" thick.
Includes interior and exterior handle levers with backplates, spindle and all necessary installation hardware.

Function: Dummy - Fixed levers, No Key Cylinder
Escutcheon PlateLength - 10"
Escutcheon Plate Width - 2-3/8"
Top screw hole spacing - 3-5/8"
Bottom screw hole spacing - 4-1/4"
Handle PZ: 3-5/8 inch (92 mm)
Escutcheon Plate Height: 10-1/16 inches
Lever - Verona

Color: Rustic Umber

Available Functions:
Active - Used most commonly on the primary functioning door. Cylinder holes on interior and exterior both. Includes lock cylinder with thumb-turn and key set.
Inactive - Used on an inactive panel. Cylinder hole on the interior only. Includes half lock cylinder with thumb-turn only.
Dummy - Handle levers are in a fixed position and will not move. No cylinder hole in either back plate.

Handle Operation Guide:HOPPE Multi-point Handle Operation

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Priced and sold as set.