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Blemished - Weathershield Split Arm Operator, Offset 4-1/2" Link Right Hand - White

Part Number: 55084-W-BLEM
Price: $15.49
NOTE: This item is slightly used. It is priced accordingly.
NOTE: Sold as is. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Truth Ellipse split arm Weathershield casement operator; sill mount, for wood or vinyl windows.

The original link was mounted on bottom of main arm and curved upwards
replacement can be a straight arm Link mounted on top and is a substitute for the offset link mounted on bottom.

Offset LINK: 4.5 inch # 30905 Mounted on bottom of main arm. ( Measured from center of rivet to center hole)
Link Length: 5 inches overall

Truth Part Numbers on some crank mechanisms: 15-18-09-002, Main Body # 45136, Main arm # 40352, 5” long Straight Link # 31850, mounted to top of main arm.

Handle is not included.

Related Parts:
55083 - Left hand Replacement Operator
55084 - Right hand Replacement Operator

Crank Handles:
55311 Regular Handle
55312 Folding handle
55313 T-Handle
55317 Contour Handle

Operator Handing: Left and Right Handed - Windows Viewed from Outside, Hinge side
Main Body: Truth # 45251,
Arm link: Straight, Truth # 31850
Link Length: 5 inch
Link Holes: 4.5 inch (measured from center of rivet to Stud hole center)
Link Mount: Mounted on Top of main arm
Detach clip: NO
Note: There are 3 configurations for this Truth casement window operator
1. Straight link mounted on top
2. Offset link, mounted on bottom -15/64 inch Offset
3. Offset link, mounted on bottom - 7/16 inch Offset

Priced and sold each.