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Blemished - Millennium 2D Adjustable 4 x 4 Guide (H) Inswing Hinge - BL

Part Number: 369910-BL-BLEM
Price: $45.00
NOTE: This item has scratches. It is priced accordingly.
NOTE: Sold as is. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Columbus 4 x 4 Millennium 2D Adjustable Door Hinge for vertical and horizontal adjustments on hinged doors
There are 2 types of adjustable hinges for each door panel
1. Set Hinge: 1 per panel, Vertical Adjustment
2. Guide Hinge: 2 or 3 per panel, Horizontal Adjustment

Hinge Type: Guide (H), Inswing Doors
Manufacturer: Simonswerk Ultimate 2D
Size: 4 X 4
Base Material - Steel
Color / Finish: black

Identifying # or pat.Nr. May or may not be present on hinge