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Blemished - Hoppe F1713, 2009 Set Hinge, LHI / RHO - Gold

Part Number: 3033916-GLD-BLEM
Price: $18.95
NOTE: This item is scratched and is priced accordingly.
NOTE: Sold as is. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.

12/1/20 - This gold finish is no longer available. Once Hoppe runs out, replace with new gold hinge # 11935947, mb

Adjusts both vertically (set hinge) and horizontally (guide hinge) by +/- 1/8 inch (+/- 3 mm) for a perfect swing without costly repairs or carpentry work.

Large 3/16 inch hex head screws make adjustments effortless, and prevent the stripping that can occur on comparable products with Phillips head or smaller hex head adjustment screws.
(The set screw to hold pin in position is 5/64" )

All set hinges are equipped with non-removable pins for security, making HOPPE hinges the ideal solution for both in swing and out swing doors.

Material: Aluminum
Hinge Type: Set for vertical adjustment
Hinge Style: NRP - Non removable pin - hinges does not come apart
Finish: Gold
Size: 4 inches wide by 3-5/8 tall (See additional images)
Handed: Yes - LHI (left hand in swing) RHO (right hand out swing)

Priced and sold each.

3 hinge door, 0- 165 lbs will have 1 set hinge (middle) and 2 guide hinges( top & bottom)
4 hinge door, 0-165 lbs, will have 1 set hinge (lower middle) and 3 guide hinges( top, upper middle & bottom)
4 hinge door, 165-330 lbs, will have 2 set hinge (middle) and 2 guide hinges( top & bottom)
5 hinge door, 165-330 lbs, will have 2 set hinge (middle, lower middle) and 3 guide hinges(top, upper middle & bottom)
Screws are NOT included with these hinges.