Andersen / Emco 2 pack Push Button Storm / Screen Door Closer Kit, Choose Color

Part Number: 308017-KIT
Price: $40.34
This is a 2 pack Push Button Storm Door Closer Kit
It is used by Andersen, Emco and other Storm Door companies.

Kit includes:
1 Push Button closer
1 Standard closer
2 Door Brackets
2 Jamb Brackets
All screws needed for installation

Push Button Closer: 1-1/4 inch diameter at the door end and 1-1/2 inch at the push button end.
Push Button Closer Length: 11-3/8 inch
Standard Closer: 1-1/4 inch diameter, 10-1/2 inch Length

Available Colors:

The Push Button closer has the hold open feature, the Standard closer does not have a hold open clip.

Closer Instructions:
To Hold Open
1. Open door to desired position
2. step on push button on top of closer
To close
1. Push door open and let swing shut

Special Note on Design:
The Push button closer is designed to be used with a 2nd closer at top of door.
If the push botton closer is over extended when opening, it might hang up and when pushing the button it might not release the storm door.
If this happens, push the door open further and this should reset the push button closer.

For information read: Installing and Adjusting Pneumatic Storm Door Closers