20mm Winkhaus OML Replacement 45/92 P2000 76-1/4" Single Door

Part Number: 49906-2045H-201EC
Price: $245.00

This Winkhaus Multipoint lock Fits 76-1/4" Tall Doors Only 

This is a custom Replacement for the  Winkhaus 1-3/4" thick, 76-1/4" Tall Door  with Active  Multipoint Lock.

This is an Euro Cylinder version, available in American Cylinder on request - Contact office Before ordering if you want the American version.


Application: Active Door, 3 point lock, 1 deadbolt and 2 Hooks

Lock Faceplate Width: 25/32 inch ( 20mm)

Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45mm)

Handle Height:  38.559" ( 979.4mm)

Handle Position: Key below lever ( original was key above lever)

Overall Door Height: 76-1/4 inch (1936.75mm) Custom Size

Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inch

Lock Version: Euro Profile 

Top Hook Position:  24.413  inches (620.1mm)  to center of Handle

Bottom Hook Position:  30.429 inches (772.9mm) to center of Handle

NOTE: The new upper and lower hook positions fit in the same door route as the old Winkhaus lock, the positions have changed in relation to the handle position. The original door had the key above the lever, this one has the Key below changing the handle height changes from 36" to 38-1/2"

Replacement Lock for Winkhaus One Motion Multipoint Single Door 

20-8745-2239-81LA    20mm Active 45/92 Gear,  hook @ 30.43"  Handle Height @  38.559"  

20-2239UA                 Active upper Hook @ 24.413 ( with new handle height)

1963554                      Strike Plate  - Stainless Steel  ( other finishes available ) 

8785695  (15)              Screws, 8 mm Head, 1-3/8 Length (35 mm) - Stainless Steel

395022:                    Replacement  Solid Spindle for 1-3/4 inch thick door

NOTE: Reusing existing Winkhaus trim

* Reusing existing handle set is possible, Lever will be inverted to accommodate the key below application. will change spindle from threaded swivel to solid. Because the handle set has been inverted it will not cover all the marks on the door panel.

Other Replacement Handleset Trim - We suggest the following for American version ( not Included )

395007 - Expressions  Keyed 2" x 12" with Arch Top

395009 - Expressions  Keyed 2" x 12" with Square Top

Available Finishes:  Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel or Polished Brass

* IF using new handle set trim, we need to convert the EURO to a American version.