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20mm P3000 Passive 60/92 Shootbolt with Hook Receptacle, Doors 95.0” - 108.5"

Part Number: 20-6560-32015
Price: $255.00

Amesbury Passive 2-Point P3000 Series MPL - Key above Handle 

OPERATION: Lift handle to extend Shootbolts, Turn thumbturn to secure lock

Faceplate Width: 25/32" (20mm) 

Backset: 2-3/8 inches (60mm)

Bottom Receptacle Position: BT @ 24.87 inches

Upper Receptacle Position:  TT @  27.47 inches

Door Panel Height:  95-108.5 inches 

Handle to Cylinder Spacing (Centers): 3-5/8 inch (92mm) 


The Premiere 3000 multi-point lock system incorporates an American style look with the thumbturn oriented above the handle and the deadbolt operation is independent of the satellite locking points. Available with a multitude of locking options, this system is the premium solution in today's multi-point locking technology. 

How To Operate P3000 Passive Lock - Lift Lever to engage upper and lower shootbolts. If handleset has a thumb turn it can be turn to secure shootbolts.

If the passive trim does not have a thumb turn, when the deadbolt is locked if blocks the shootbolts from moving.

How To Operate P3000 Active Lock - This is a different design than most Multipoint Locks 

Sometimes referred to as baby sitter lock because the deadbolt can be locked without engaging the other locking devices.

1. To Lock Door: Throw the deadbolt, then, if desired lift handle to engage the Additional Locking points.

2. To Unlock Door: Retract deadbolt and push lever down to open 

This lock is Deadbolt activated, use deadbolt first to lock or unlock door.

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