20mm Custom 20/45/92 Replacement kit for Winkhaus 76-1/4" Double Door

Part Number: 49906-2045H-221-EC
Price: $495.00

This is a custom made replacement for Winkhaus Multipoint lock, Fits 76-1/4 Tall Doors Only - Will not fit other heights, because the shootbolt tip is attached to the upper assembly and can not be added or subtracted from this height.

This is a custom Replacement for the Winkhaus 1-3/4 thick, 76-1/4" Tall Double Door  

This is an Euro Cylinder version, available in American Cylinder on request - Contact office Before ordering if you want the American version.


Active Door, 3 point Hook lock

Passive Shootbolt Door, 2 point lock 

Lock Version: Euro Profile OR American version on request

Handle Height:  38.559" ( 979.4mm)

Handle Position: Key below lever

Overall Door Height: 76-1/4 inch (1,936.75mm), will not fit other heights

Faceplate Width: 3/4 inch (20mm)

Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45mm)

Top Hook Position:  24.413  inches (620.1mm)  to center of Handle

Bottom Hook Position:  30.429 inches (772.9mm) to center of Handle

Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inch

Overall Door Panel Height: 76-1/4  inch tall, will not work with other heights.

WinkhausTop Hook position was 27.6 inches, changed to 24.413  inches with new handle height

Winkhaus Bottom Hook Position was 27.2 inches,  changed to 30.429 inches with new handle height

The shootbolts on the Passive door are built into the upper extension and can not be adjusted for a different height door. Fits only 76-1/4 inches top to bottom


 To Change Handing / Latch Reversal:

Small spring latch (mid-handing latch) must be pushed in to operate lock

1. Lift Lever to extend deadbolt  

2. Pull spring latch out, Rotate to correct position

3. Check function of lock before closing door 


To Lock door: 

1.  Lift the handle to lock door, This extends the deadbolt and hooks

2. Turn thumb turn or Key to secure in locked position

To unlock door: Turn thumb turn or key to unlocked position and push down on lever

Installation Notes:

1. This is a 2 piece lower and upper assembly for each door.

2. When connecting upper and lower parts there is a small tab on the lower that fits into the upper extension.

3. The 2 screws that attach the upper extension to the lower assembly have a T-20 Torx head, apply 12-13 pounds of torgue when tightening screws

4. The installation screws should be hand tightened, snug but do not over tighten or lock may not function properly.

5. Test the lock with the door open. Operate lock by pushing in the small mishanding latch.