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Security Door Lock Installation Instructions

Lock Installation Instructions for Academy Security Doors

  1. Put mortise lock body into mortise in door edge. Move door towards door frame and analyze latch placement to make sure beveled face of latch is pointed towards door frame. If latch is turned the wrong way, read this article on changing handing of latch.
  2. Mark location of holes on top and bottom of lock body faceplate and remove mortise lock body.
  3. Drill holes in door edge, replace lock and install 2 #8 self-tapping screws to hold lock body in place in door edge.
  4. Insert spindle through face of door panel in handle-hole.
  5. Place interior and exterior handles on either side of the door over the spindle. Install #8 self-tapping screws to hold handles in place, but do not fully tighten handles until after cylinder is in place.
  6. Insert key in cylinder to turn lock cam to the up position. Insert cylinder in cylinder hole from interior side to ensure that thumbturn is on inside of door and keyed side is on ouside.
  7. Install cylinder screw through door edge to hold cylinder in place in lock body.
  8. Tighten screws holding handles in place.
  9. Check that lock operates correctly before closing door.
  10. Throw deadbolt by turning thumbturn or using key.
  11. Mark where deadbolt and latch hit door jamb and mortise holes if necessary.
  12. Install strike plate in proper location.

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How to Install Security Door Lock

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