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Papaiz Lock Installation Instructions

Papaiz locks are designed to be compatible with many different storm and security doors and existing lock holes that fit other brands of locks. Your Papaiz lockset will replace most other brands of locks. All About Doors & Windows stocks a large variety of Papaiz locksets. Once you have chosen the lockset you want, follow the manufacturer's instructions below to install your new Papaiz lock.

Note: The instructions and diagrams below are directly from Papaiz, the manufacturer.

How to Install a Papaiz Lock

Papaiz Lock Diagram

  1. Install the security plate (provided by other-If being installed) and the Papaiz lock body with 1/2" screws.
  2. Install the shaft into the inside handle and tighten the set screw with an allen wrench.
  3. Install the inside handle trim plate through the optional spacer plate.
  4. Install the inside handle trim plate through the door.
  5. Install the outside handle trim plate onto the shaft.
  6. Install the key cylinder from the inside side of the door with the 10-32 X 1-1/2 screw.
  7. Mark holes in the handle trim plates to be drilled.
  8. Remove the key cylinder and the handle trim plate and drill holes with a 5/64 drill bit.
  9. Reinstall the inside handle trim plate with 1/2" screws. (Use 3/4" with optional spacer.)
  10. Reinstall the outside handle trim plate with 1/2" screws.
  11. Reinstall the key cylinder with 10-32 X 1-1/2 screw.

If your door is handed differently than the Papaiz lock you have, rehanding your Papaiz lock is a simple three step procedure.

Rehanding a Papaiz Lock

  1. Loosen the latch screw from the rear of the Papaiz lock body.
  2. Rotate the latch for right or left hand application.
  3. Re-tighten the latch screw.

All About Doors & Windows is proud to be your Papaiz provider. Please contact us if you have any questions about installation of Papaiz products.

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