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How to open a Pella 3-Point Lock Door (Stuck Closed in Locked Position)

This article is written specifically for the old-style GU / Ferco multipoint lock (77-1/4 in. version ; >a href="" target="_blank">80 in. version) with deadbolt and shootbolts in a Pella door; this article is meant to address situations in which the door has been "locked shut," or, that is to say, stuck closed in the locked position.

Pella does not have instructions readily available for fixing "locked shut" doors.

Each case of stuck door can have its own challenges and solutions due to the variety of factors that can contribute to this type of situation and because of the many different door designs, door hardware and door functions. It may take some time and patience working through the instructions to fix your door. If you don't feel you are able to fix the door yourself, a knowledgeable and reputable locksmith, contractor, etc, with multi-point door lock experience is probably the best solution.

The lock focused on in this article is the old-style Gu-Ferco 50/92 3-point lock used in Pella doors. 50/92 refers to a 50mm backset (edge of door to cylinder) and a 92mm PZ (center of handle to center of cylinder). The new style lock cannot be fixed the same way.


  1. Make sure your door is a Pella door with a shootbolt version multipoint lock. Shootbolts are vertical rods that lock at the top and bottom of door panel.

full lock

Below are the standard Pella handlesets in several finishes--if your handleset looks like this, you probably have a Pella door. If you aren't sure, you can check the measurements located at the links above. *Note: The lock in your door most likely has a GU / Ferco logo on its faceplate above the spring latch. Pella uses several brands of multipoint locks including GU / Ferco.

pella handlesets
  1. Next, remove the handlset / hardware trim from both sides of door. Your lock hould look like the photo below. Some doors have a white plastic insert in the keyhole while others have metal; both work the same. Both are shown in the pictures below.

plastic or metal keyhole

  1. Make sure the door is in the unlocked position. When the cylinder / thumbturn slot is vertical, the door is locked; when it is horizontal, it is unlocked.

locked unlocked pella multipoint lock

  1. In the picure below, we have marked the location of the 1/8 inch x 3/4 inch vertical slot. The wood can be removed from this area to expose the slot. The bottom of the vertical slot is about 1 inch above the thumbturn / cylinder slot and abou 1/4 inch off center towards the latch side of the door. Route, drill, cut or remove the wood to expose the slot; then insert a small screw driver, awl, etc. When a tool is installed in this vertical slot and the bar is moved upward, it should unlock the vertical shootbolts and deadbolt.

pella door stuck lock

  1. Push or pry the metal tab in the slot up; the deadbolt should retract. It would also be helpful to use the handle from the door for additional leverage to retract the bolts.

fix pella door lock

If this procedure does not work on your Pella door with shootbolt multipoint lock, contact the team at All About Doors & Windows ( for further assistance.

Click below to download your own printable guide from All About Doors & Windows to help you fix your stuck Pella door.

How to open a Pella 3-Point Lock Door (Stuck Closed in Locked Position)

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