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Top » Door and Window Parts » Locks and Deadbolts » How to Replace a Pella Single-Point Mortise Lock with a PZ of 85mm

How to Replace a Pella Single-Point Mortise Lock with a PZ of 85mm

This is a guide to replacing Pella single-point mortise lock with a PZ measurement of 85mm and a backset of 55mm. The replacement kit used/depicted in this guide is part #40177 (lock case by itself without handleset, cylinder, etc. is part #40176).

This is the original lock and handleset (part #9099998). If your lockset does not have these measurements, this replacement kit will most likely not fit your lock.
Pella mortise lock

Original Pella Lockset Components

  1. Pella single-point lock body with 85mm handle-to-cylinder spacing (PZ) and 55mm backset
  2. Front/faceplate view of pece A: 15/16 inch wide by 9-1/2 inches long with radial ends
  3. Deadbolt strike plate: 1 inch wide by 7-3/4 inches long
  4. Original handleset with 8-1/4 inches screw-hole spacing and 1-3/4 inch width; thumbturn requires special cylinder with square peg receiver
  5. Pella special cylinder without thumbturn; for special Pella handleset with square peg on thumbturn

replacement kit pella mortise

Replacement Kit Components

  1. Single-point lock body with handle-to-cylinder (PZ) spacing of 85mm and 60mm backset
  2. Front/faceplate view of piece A: 7/8 inch wide by 9-3/8 inches long with square ends
  3. Deadbolt strike plate: 7/8 inch wide by 8-1/16 inches long
  4. Replacement handleset with variable screw-hole spacing and width depending on which style is chosen. *NOTE: consider that width and length of new handleset need to be such that original screw holes and cut-out are covered, not exposed by new handleset. Available styles and their widths/lengths are listed below:
      • Congressional: 1.94 inches wide by 10.13 inches long
      • Westwood: 1.87 inches wide by 8.87 inches long
      • Villa: 1.88 inches wide by 10.94 inches long
      • Vintage: 1.56 inches wide by 9.06 long
      • Conventional: 1.31 inches wide by 9.30 inches long
      • Modern: 1.75 inches wide by 9.31 inches long
      • Silhouette: varying width changes from top to bottom of handle; 9.18 inches long
      • Coronet: 1.94 inches wide by 10.13 inches long
      • Ingress: 1.87 inches wide by 8.7 inches long
  5. Cylinder with thumbturn; for standard handleset with euro-profile hole for cylinder and thumbturn

Replacement Notes:

  • Remove handles on both sides first, then unscrew set screw just below deadbolt on edge of door.
  • Remove cylinder by pushing out through broad side of door through cylinder hole (lock must be unlocked).
  • Unscrew lock body from door edge and remove from door.
  • Insert new lock body in mortise and screw loosely in place. *Note: New lock body has square edges on faceplate instead of round; may need to chisel out door edge a little to fit new lock body.
  • Mark where cylinder hole may need to be enlarged slightly to accommodate new 60mm backset. Remove lockset and enlarge hole.
  • Reinstall lock and screw tightly in place.
  • Install spindle and handles in place so spindle fits through handle-hole and thumbturn hole is lined up with cylinder hole in lock body. Screw in place.
  • Install cylinder from the inside so key hole is on outside. Open door and install set screw just under deadbolt on edge of door.
  • There are three options when it comes to replacing your deadbolt strike plate (diagram below):
      1. It is possible to reuse your original strike plate by moving it up or down with the door jamb to fit new lock. Alternatively, original strike plate may also be modified with a hack saw to fit new lock.
      2. Or you can replace strike plate with new strike plate (included in kit #40177). *Note: new strike plate has squared ends and door jamb will have to be modified; old cut-out may be visible on door jamb under new strike plate.
      3. Or new optional HOPPE strike plate (part #1963546) can be installed as an alternative; long enough and wide enough to cover old cut-out (HOPPE strike not included in kit).

strike plate pella mortise

Click below to download your own printable guide from All About Doors & Windows to help you install and rekey your cylinder.

How to Replace a Pella Single-Point Mortise Lock with PZ of 85mm

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