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Replacing Old-Style Hinges on an Andersen Door

This guide will show how to fit a new-style Andersen hinge to an Andersen door with old-style hinges.

Old-style Andersen hinge on the left, new style on the right. Note the differently-shaped seats on the hinges.

The old-style hinge hole. Note that a new-style hinge will not fit:

The Andersen routing template placed over the old style hole, showing the material to be removed. Scribe a line to outline the new hole size.

The template placed vertically in the old style hole, the depth gauge (horizontal line) showing the required depth to fit the new hinge.

Use a rasp or other tool to remove the material.

Once sufficient material has been removed, the new hinge will fit into place.


Click below to download your own printable guide from All About Doors & Windows to help you fit new-style hinges to your Andersen door.

Replacing Old-Style Hinges on an Andersen Door

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