Stainless Steel Hinge, Split Arm, Sill, Left

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Discontinued Andersen Casement Hinge - Limited to exisiting Inventory - Other Replacement Available
Andersen Perma-Shield Casement Stainless Steel Hinge
Years: 1982-1995
Fits: Split Arm Windows - CR, C Series Casement Window
Brown/ Black Shoe for Sill Hinge / Almond Shoe for Head Hinge.
Track Length: 11 inch Stainless
Track Part # 7168A19 .
Markings on Two Part Hinge:
Long link # 7168-18
Short link with black shoe attached # 7168-17

Note 1: Old style and  new style replacement hinges can NOT be used on the same window -
If you need just 1 bottom hinge you can use this one,  You can not mix old style with new style.

NOTE 2: Windows are viewed from outside:
If you need hinge 1361620 + top hinge - replace with Sill hinge 1361461 & Head hinge ; 1361463
The old and new look different !!!
This hinge set can be replaced with the hinges #1361461 and #1361463.

Included Components:

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