Peachtree Handle, Carvel Patio Door - Black - NOT AVAILABLE

  • Part #: 4500130
  • Availability: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

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 This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Discontinued by Peachtree - Replace with 14070
Peachtree Carvel Wood Patio Sliding Glass Door
Installation Screw Holes: 4-15/16 inch
Markings on Handle: Canadian Patent No 919213 Patented 1973 , PAT. NO. 3,596,954 (3596954 / 3.596.954)

The Peachtree Carvel handleset included inside and outside pulls with screws and internal latch.
It had an indicator latch that was red for locked and black for unlocked.
This handle did NOT have an outside key.

Related Peachtree Carvel Hardware/ Parts:
15324 - Internal Latch With Vertical indicator slot - works only on Original Carvel door
15078 - Internal Latch without Indicator slot - Replacement, non-peachtree
14070 - Handleset, Carvel replacement with wood handle - No Key
IF a key lock is desired order 14070 + 14109 - raised outside pull with Key

Included Components:

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