Fuhr Multi-Point Lock, 3 Hooks, 35mm - 6-8 Sliding Door

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Price : $195.00


Fuhr sliding patio door multipoint lock with 3 hooks for 6-foot 8-inch Door.

Face Plate Measurements: 5/8 Wide x 61-3/4 inches long.
Hooks: three hooks, two below the handle, one above.
Bottom Hooks Located: 8-1/2 & 24-1/4 inches from the tip of the hook to the center of the handle.
Top Hook: 20 inches from the tip of hook to center of handle, When door is in unlocked position.

There is a top section (not included) that locks into the main body to allow for different door heights

Lock Body Measurements:
Backset: 1-3/8 inches - measured from the edge of lock to center of handle
Handle / Key Spacing: 4-3/4 inches - distance from the center of spindle to center of key (cylinder will not operate when in unlocked position)
Sticker on some locks: U2/KOP

NOTE: the backset for this lock is either 1-1/8 (28mm) or 1-3/8 (35mm)

Troubleshooting: How to Open a Stuck FUHR Sliding Door Lock

Included Components: