Door Bottom / sweep, Snap-In, 2 Kerf at 7/8 inch - Brown/Tan

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Door Bottom / Sweep for wood, metal and fiberglass entry doors.
This door bottom has 2 barbs that fit into two kerfs on the bottom of door.
Snap in
Length: 35-3/4 inches - May cut to length for smaller doors
Width: 1-3/4 inches - Fits 1-3/4 inch thick door
Spacing between Kerfs: 7/8 inch
Cut Back: 1-5/8 inch
Style: Four Vertical Fins and 2 angled fins.
Height: fits gap of 9/16 inch ( .560 inches )
Note: Taller Bulb than # 840025
Colors: Brown or Tan

Replaces the weatherstrip on many older Peachtree doors--double-check measurements

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