4-Bar Egress Hinge, 12-1/4 Inch Fixed Rivet - Stainless Steel

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Truth\'s standard duty stainless steel 4-bar egress hinge w/ Stop
Anderberg Hardware 222SS / 224SS Series
Hinges are non-handed and reversible.
Track Length: 12-1/4 Inch
Track Width: 3/4 Inch ( 23/32\")
Type: Fixed Rivet
NOTE: This hinge is made in 12-1/4 & 16-1/8 length, with Fixed Rivet or Loose Rivet
Material: Stainless Steel

Egress Hinges are designed to be used in casement window applications and achieve approximately 90 of opening. When fully open the sash is positioned close to the side jamb to allow an average sized person the ability to escape through the windows opening in case of an emergency as required by Egress codes. Egress Hinges are non-handed and made of durable stainless steel. These Egress Hinges are designed to project the sash out as it pivots to avoid interference between a lipped vent and frame.
These Truth Hardware 4-Bar Egress Window Hinges are designed for use with both project-out awning windows and also casement windows that have a lip on the outside edge of the sash. The hinge mechanism allows for a sash opening of 90 degrees. This Truth Hardware egress window hinge is used by several window manufacturers.

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